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Faux boasts exceptional relationships with Middle Eastern press, and impressive links with global media outlets. We create tailored communications strategies for every client to create strong, impactful coverage, and work in partnership with the regions leading editors and stylists. In addition to traditional press outreach, Faux develops innovative PR strategies to link brands with the region’s most powerful influencers, securing revenue generating coverage and broadening the reach of every client.

Influencer relations form a significant part of our overarching strategies for clients, and our close-knit relationships with the top influencers in the region allow us unmatched reach in this area.

Complementing media outreach, Faux houses designer collections in the Faux Showrooms in both Dubai and Beirut. Each showroom acts as a hub for the region’s best stylists, editors and influencers to view collections in person, increasing visibility and placements for every brand.

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